Tuesday, May 12, 2015

bloom & harvest!

More photos from my tiny garden! Maybe its because its the rainy season, the plants grew really well~ plants in mounds on top of the raised beds! Let me share some more of my favorite here!

 My tiny 'common jasmine orange' bloom this morning {aka murraya paniculata}!
Plant with sweet-smelling flowers, very fragrant ones! Some said it smell close to frangipani, some said gardenia, or jasmine! 
Personally, i think it smells like frangipani.
Can you believe that i grow them from little seeds? The plant nursery owner plucked few of the red fruits from the tree and gave it to me, and asked me to try and grow myself.

Now, this smell like jasmine! hehe ~ my jasmine that bloom once in awhile!
If you have jasmine plant, ill recommend you hand-picking some of the flowers, boil pot of water and make a cup of 
tea with fresh jasmine blossoms. You will know what is the difference! 

 Transplanted some of the basil seedlings into a bigger space - wooden box that i picked up from recycling center! This is the smallest box, i got one in medium and one in large size, they are used for spring onions growing!

Harvest part of my pandan leaves over the weekend, gave 2 bright bunches to our neighbor / another 2 for the grocery store that near my house, initially i'm given it as a gift, but the lady boss said they are going to sell it~ so as the exchange of goods - they gave me some calamansi & pay me another RM1.80 for that 2 bunches! ^_^ How great that can earn some money from what i grow, it made me so happy!

on-growing spring onions! 

  My 'giant' aloe vera plant is growing way too big and has a bit out of control! Hehe, also i have just transplanted them into a BIG pot!
Lately, i am attempting to make DIY aloe vera gel myself and also to cook chinese sweet dessert! The diy aloe vera gel are use to reduce my acne problem & pimple scarring! Been watching lots of related video on youtube and info from the web!
Will share if its really effective. Kids, don't try it yourself as
outer skin of the aloe vera plant can be toxic. Only aloe vera gel at the center part can be consume & use on your skin.

Have you ever try sauté fresh aloe with sesame? I am going to try that!

Enjoy pruning and pinching the butterfly pea plant regularly, it will become more bushy and it will rebloom again and again! 

my favorite succulent plant lately, bought a little pot last year christmas and now i have 2 pots from propagating!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

plant propagation practices

happy new month, hope all goes well! Have been practicing in plant propagation, and i have learned that - patience is always key when it comes to nurturing any living things! I think my little plants are growing pretty well and getting taller. 

I don't really spend a lot on buying plants as young plants are quite expensive here. But instead,  i usually grow them from seeds, or get some 'free' young plants or cuttings from my family/ relatives and friends! I am truly blessed.

 Dad gave me pot of - hmm... i am not 100% sure what's the plant called, i have been trying to find out. If not mistaken, the plant named - begoniaceae begonia / rex begonia from the begonia family. It's so pretty, i especially love the star-burst effect, the color of the leaves are very contrast!

My partner's parents love gardening too! But lately, they have been traveling around often, don't really have much time to take care their plants, and many of the pretty plants has dried up, due to lack of watering. T_T sad... Then I quickly take over the ONE LAST stem of the super duper beautiful - 'oxalis triangularis' or you can called it 'purple shamrocks', put them in a small pot, brought it up all the way from my hometown. And look, more stems now, and even flowering! Yays.

 Propagate rosemary herb & cuban oregano from stem cuttings, waiting for the rooting process! I'll share some pics once the roots coming from the bottom the cuttings. Hehe~

Propagating succulents from leaf, and see how well they are growing! They are all from the same 'mama succulent'!

I started / pluck thesemother leaf” off maybe three weeks ago, and few weeks later...
 some miniature white or pink roots sprout out from the tip of the leaves, can you see those teeny tiny baby plant? It will start to grow.

Growing spring onions from shallots. For me, spring onion are very very useful in cooking, specially in chinese home cooking! We used them in steamed fish as the seasoning to get rid of the “fishy” odour / to make spring onion pancake / for garnishing! 

I found that its not worth on buying a bunch of it and spring onions don't store for long in the fridge, so there's a lot of wastage which i don't really want to! 

SO! why not growing my own spring onion. 

 Happy may and a wonderful week ahead!