Thursday, October 29, 2015

october happy mail!


So great to finally see the beautiful sunlight and clear blue sky, looks like the haze is clearing up; hope it won't be coming back. 

My little mulberry tree begin producing fruit once again, and the fruits are abundant! They are almost all ripened already, I will need to harvest them this weekend before birds get to them. >_< 

The most exciting new is my fig tree start bearing fruit for the first time after 2 years! Wohoo!! I capture a photo every morning before going out to work, wanted to record the fruit growth and development, too curious and get very excited about it! Will share some picture soon~ but today, let see what came in my mail box this month.

Franka a lovely lady from The Netherlands who hoard all the beautiful paper ephemera and vintage treasures and wish to work in her beautiful studio all day long! (same here >_<)

 Hand drawn envelope are almost too beautiful to open!

Super gorgeous mail with beautiful cursive writing, some vintage receipts, labels, postcard, memo card, tickets... etc!

 Merrisa's letter has finally made its way to my mailbox, she sent me a valentine mail few months ago, but it didn't turn up. :( sad

The mail is sweet, pink and her handwriting is so neat just too cute!
 I especially love the red origami bird, and hand-lettering 'Fiona'~

Michelle sent me her mail from Japan while she was there last few weeks for her book's publication (very cool right!)
I admire her for her work and she's really an amazing person!

Small little things that I do matter a lot, her mail made me think of to observe our lives in every detail!

Thursday, October 15, 2015


If you can't find me anywhere, try look for me in the kitchen! You can see quite a few of prawn dishes here, my parents bought and brought it up from my hometown from a recent visit. I love prawns!!!

 Grilled sambal stingray (p.s. with my homemade sambal chili paste)! 
I never thought I could make THIS at home, was proud for my first try.

 Indonesian style curry prawns cooked in a thick sweet and spicy coconut milk gravy.
Love coconut milk curry-based sauce in anything and this looks so warm and cozy to you? no?

Sambal udang (chilli prawn) goes really well with nasi lemak (fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk)

 Braised fish with fermented black beans & bittergourd - i can't stop eating and keep on adding some more rice on my plate!

 Braised napa cabbage, love those soft napa cabbage leaves that soaks up all the juices and
absorbs the every bit of flavors from the foods around it! Yum~

Stir friend soy sauce-caramelized prawns - its a very homely dish, the easiest recipe ever, and yummiest!

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

outgoing mail september!

Despite the hazy conditions in our country, September was still a good month to me~! I have got many incredible sweet letter & parcel reached my mail box, more time spent indoors. Here let me share some of my outgoing mail last month.

  My mail to Ageeth
The Netherlands
My mail to Franka
The Netherlands
  My mail to Lisa

  My mail to Naoko

 My mail to Yumi

Thursday, October 1, 2015

september happy mail!

oh hello ~

Here i am again! There were plenty of public holidays last month, which means it was a great snail mail month as i get to have many time for letter writing! Hehe... Let's see who's mail came in ~

Azusa a very sweet lady, a newly met friend through instagram, I must say that the great thing about instagram is that people have a tendency to get along well with those who share the same interest! I have found many of these lovely people who actually share the same interest with me.

 Her instagram username called 'kamitopen', remember she told me about what it means for 'kamitopen' in the previous letter. 'kami' means papers, while 'pen' literally means pen! Easily defined her love of stationery, isn't it? ^_^ 
Look how beautiful are those paper ephemera she sent?

She sent me 2 Hawaiian teabags from her Hawaii trip recently, its definitely a dream holiday destination for me. Lovely stickers, postage stamps, washi tapes, little L!FE paper notepad...etc! 
I am as happy as a little girl when i saw these, and friends ~ make sure you enjoy the little things in life okay!

 Lisa pick up letter writing once again after quite a while on her snail-mail-pause.
 And she will soon become a mother, i'm really happy for her and the little person in her belly. Stay happy and healthy baby!

A simple and good handwritten letter can really touch your heart, even perfect with a little piece of (good looking packaging) chocolate! 
I love everything Lisa.
Sylvie's huge parcel arrived in my mail box last week! You can't imagine what it has been like, opening her parcel~ 
i was so surprised, yays!! wow!! oh~ lovely!! all the time.

She bought me a souvenir from her trip to France, can you see that little bright yellow tin? Fyi, Cachou Lajaunie is a French product that was developed in 1880 by a pharmacist who wanted to help people gain a sense of fresh breath and health. The tiny liquorice lollies will make your tongue completely black! (woo, i can't wait to try that!)

Sylvie has a green fingers, very good at keeping plants healthy and making them grow! This time she sent me some chive seeds from her garden, with a very pretty pressed chive flower. A smiley face latte spoon for my kitchen, oh~ Sylvie, thank you for being so sweet!

Symbol of love wax seal stamped in bright pink color! That's cute, I just had to show you the close-up and details.

 We came up with the idea that is to exchange our succulent plant via snailmail, and here it is! Sylvie sent me one of her succulent plant in a tin box. Unfortunately, it didn't make it somehow~ T_T It might be because of the travel distance is too long inside the dark tin, or the soil is too damp when it reached here. 
However, this little rosette still stay green, i have already place it in my flower pot with plenty of sunlight. I hope it will live!
Sylvie, please wait for my succulent~ will be on your way soon once i finish packing it!

I really can't thank you enough for all the love you have given me my dear pen pal.
A big hug from me to you!!