Wednesday, February 24, 2016

outgoing mail feb & jan 16


This year's Chinese New Year has passed by so quickly, I still miss my mom's home cooked food and the play time with baby Edward! Good thing is that i brought back up so many ingredients and cookies from home, glad that i am able to cook our own meal almost everyday!

I decided to gather a few months of my outgoing mail and post at once, because i am a little slow on snail mail, will be even slower if something comes up!

Here would be some of my outgoing mail lately, i think most of them have be received already.


Monday, February 1, 2016

december happy mail!


Opps, it has been a while since last post and hello, hello!! happy new year 2016!
I'm way too late for the happy mail update, hoho~ was busy with the daily routine and i replied plenty of my penpal's letters last long weekend! Yays, just sent out this morning.

Once again, here's my happy mail post!

Aki Chan's christmas parcel came with cutest decorated envelope and postage stamps!

Limited 北海道限定 Hello Kitty blendy stick, succulent decorative magnets, full sheet of japanese postage stamp (i am gonna frame it, and hang it up on my wall), happy balloon sticker & kawaii paper goods!

Have a closer look at the Japanese ramen and sukiyaki postage stamps, also the adorable succulents magnets. Oh! can't stop smiling :)

Aki also sent me a beautiful olive wreath ceramic plate made in Japan, so pretty! Have been using it to serve the dessert since the day i received.

 Annelies took sometime to sent me a letter while she's busy with her home renovation and couple of on-going gardens transformation projects! Thank you dear.

 Vintage letter set from her mom's collection, plant labels, beautiful illustration card & of course seeds (sweet pea).

Simply beautiful!

A happy mail has reached me before Christmas from Beverly!

Bev sent me her self-designed wedding invitation card, thank you!! It was really well-designed, so pretty! I wish i can attend your wedding. Oh and gold foil notebook! *_*
 I will definitely find time for the sausage casserole recipe mix - i found the recipe too:
-1 sachet Schwartz Sausage Casserole Recipe Mix
-450g (1lb) sausages
-1 onion, sliced
-2 tbs tomato puree
-175g (6oz) mushrooms, sliced
-300ml (½ pint) cold water

Look like its simple to make and i bet it will be really yummy!

All these best things come in the parcel, could you see that *glitter tape*?

Misato chan, a new penfriend of mine and she likes cooking too! (guess you can already see from the parcel huh? >_<)

Hohoho, i'm the luckiest girl! She sent me this well-made cotton tablecloth with hokkaido specialty print, isn't it beautiful? Don't think i will use it for now >_< Then kawaii snacks from Japan - Milky matcha candy, matcha kitkat, panda packaging sesame soft candy, tea bags & my favorite vegetable broth powder!