Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#onthetable lately


Hehe, it has been a while since my last blog post! Not that i am busy, but I'm just a little laid back over the weekends, being myself and doing things i love like home cooking & baking, very into jam-making lately and also some gardening... and I am starting to really enjoy raggae songs recently, never knew that i would love raggae music, somehow it makes me feel like i'm in vacation!

My favorite fried fish (fourfinger threadfin), this fish is also known as 'Ma Yau'.
Finally, I know how to get perfectly crisp skin now.

We grew up with chinese soups at our dinner table, therefore we always have a crave for chinese soups and this herbal soup is so light & healthy!

Shredded chicken congee as a light weeknight dinner, it's delicious and easy to prepare,
simply throw everything together and letting it all cook! ^_^

 Stir fried broccoli with garlic & oyster sauce, love that the little broccoli florets can hold the
yummy sauce!

Braised trotters with black sweet vinegar & ginger (pork knuckles), this is actually a traditional confinement food. The meat was very succulent and so tender after several hours of slow cooking, really love the combination of ginger aroma, the sweet taste and sourness from vinegar.


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    1. I hope you can taste it, but not sure if you will like it~ hehe! Thanks again for dropping by my blog Ageeth!

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