Monday, August 24, 2015

my birthday, all about food!

Happy 30th Birthday! Yays.

My partner's birthday is just 3 days apart from mine, so we always celebrate together! My brother will date us out for dinner every year on our birthday, it's like a tradition!

Last week, he treated us the best birthday dinner @Alexis Bistro & Wine Bar. It was our first time dining there and we enjoyed it because the food were pretty good, specially the signature tiramisu! So here's some of the delicious food we ate, "beware!" the food images that might causes you to salivate! Hehe.

 This was mine - Moroccan style lamb racks with roasted eggplant, topped with cheesy sauce & fresh pomegranate. I love grilled egg plant, but don't really fancy the taste of this roasted aubergine might be because of the cheese sauce, the lamb rack & mint sauce taste very light~ but overall was still good!

 My boyfriend's favorite, forgot what the dish is called~ but it was certainly a delicious herb roasted chicken leg. It has the crispiest skin and the meat was so juicy! Yum!

My brother ordered Angel Hair Oglio Olio, this is actually my favorite! Well, maybe you might not know yet, i love seafood more; especially shrimp, or shrimp family~ and that's in there are crayfish, aka crawfish!

 Here comes our birthday cake, also forgot what this cake is called!
It taste so good, my brother asked if i can bake something like that >_< 
I answered: "of course no, as homemade always taste different and better! HAHA"
pardon me please~

Now this taste delicious, something different, it was no ordinary tiramisu! It's layered with silky mascarpone and coated with caramalized almonds & mixed nuts. And the plus point, a touch of cognac! Oh, tasty, i'm in heaven!

The gardenia plant that my dad gave me has bloomed just a day before my birthday and it reached full bloom on my birthday! Although this seems like a small thing, but i feel really fortunate & amazing!

Wish for many more wonderful things and memories to come!


  1. I wish you a lot of birthdays in good health, also for your partner :-)

    1. Hello Ageeth, Thank you so so much for the great wishes!
      I wish you and your family well too~
      Have a lovely day.


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