Thursday, August 29, 2019

My homegrown organic custard apple!

Hello hello!

It has been so so long since my last post :) I decided to start writing & posting again! (希望不會只有三分鐘熱度。)
I like to read blogs, they give me inspirations, hopefully I can keep up the momentum of blog writing.  
Just little bits and pieces in my daily life!

The custard apple tree in my front porch start bearing fruits after a long wait, and we got a giant fruit this time, i weighed the fruit, 
it's 396g, 10g heavier than last year's fruit.

The silky soft flesh is fragrant and sweet, creamy white through light yellow, and resembles and tastes just like custard. 
There are few more little fruits still growing, hope that they can grow well & we get to enjoy a few more of these sweet treats!

They are also known as 'Buddha head fruits' (佛头果).

Strange yet beautiful fruits!

Monday, March 12, 2018

I can't help but smile big - incoming snailmail

Postman came by and dropped me some happy mail last couple of days.

I love sending & receiving mail and seeing them arrive to its happy recipients are probably the happiest thing ever!

Snail mail to me is -
  • a handwritten letter
  • it takes time 
  • i can smell the ink & paper
  • it sometime accompanying with little gifts
  • it comes with great care 
  • and lots of love attention
Snail mail ROCKS!

Cutest mail ever! I have always loved Cassandre's mail, 
she's so talented and her mails are always so vibrant & cheerful!

 Pop pink ribbon on letter - cuteness overload!

Oh, look at all the colors! *heart eyes*

Pretty mail came all the way from Hawaii from Merissa.

She decorated the mail with so much patient and love!

 All the pretty bits & bobs she put in the parcel.

 This lady has the most beautiful handwriting in the world!

Monday, February 5, 2018

Comfort food at home over the long weekend!

My weekend at home is pretty much just cooking & eating ^_^

Homemade kkakdugi (Cubed Radish Kimchi) + Pan-fried Zucchini Fritters (Hobak Jeon)
+ Jasmine Rice

Clean-Out-The-Fridge Veggie Fried Rice

 Stir fried Napa Cabbage with Dried Scallop + Steamed Fish with Lime & Garlic
+ Jasmine Rice

Quick & Easy Pizza Toast for Breakfast!

  • bread
  • spinach
  • cherry tomatoes
  • white shimeji mushrroms
  • cheese sausage
  • green onion (for garnish - optional)
  • parmesan cheese (topping) 
Egg Bread Toast with Spinach

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hello 2018 & what's on my table lately!

Hello 2018, 

After a one year break, I finally felt like start blogging again!  
Sometime I am just too lazy to sit in front of the computer while I am at home, I would rather to be in the kitchen to make something / lying on sofa or flipping through a cookbook.

Not sure about you, but i really really love home cooked (mindful) meals. Simple & hearty! And I want to collect all the flat-lay on my dining table (where all the dishes randomly put together).

 Dinner : Crispy fried fish with garlic infused oil  + Stir fried sambal okra
+ Sweet leaf (sayur manis) egg soup & Rice

Dinner : Spicy soybean paste + Silky steamed tofu with dried scallops & Rice

Thursday, November 3, 2016

big big love, part 2

hello, I'm back with 'part 2' - the pretty mail i received last couple of months!

 Azusa chan, a lovely friend who recently has been transferred working abroad, now living in Germany! How cool~ from the info, Germany has a very good work culture~ so i think she will be happy living over there! All the best Azusa chan, see you in my next letter!

 Take a closer look on the whole parcel, check on the details lovely people, each of every patch got decorated with
beautiful stamps, stickers, hand writing!

 Hehe, guess what's inside that 'for you' package! It was my belated birthday gift from Azusa.
Hehe... forgot to take picture of it, will repost later, but I can let you know that i love it to the moon and back.
I didn't exaggerated it, the item was amazingly beautiful~

I think no one can resist Japanese kawaii packaged snacks right?
I think i should make a post about 'Japanese snacks taste test' >_< Guess it will be fun right!

 This is temari fu 手まり麩, a type of Japanese croutons but a non-friend version, or i should said its a dried wheat gluten in ball shaped that is usually used in miso soup or any kind of soups! I think there are fresh & dried fu selling in Japan, but of course dried one has a longer shelf life. I can't wait to try it! Hopefully i get to share some picture here!

Look at the colorful fu, so beautiful! Still can't believe its edible! It look a little like our childhood toy marbles / glass ball guli

 Dreamy mail from Paris~

 Cassandre always make the mail look magical with a touch of glitter glue, sparkling sequins, translucent envelope, neon stickers, colorful doilies, seed packs...etc! How's your cotton tree growing there? Very inspiring, feel uplifted after reading her letter.

She sent me hollyhock seeds this time! Yays! I've never seen a hollyhock flower here yet, will sow the seeds real soon!

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

big big love, part 1

Hello, hello!

Back with my favorites post, don't worry guys I'm still writing! Sometimes, I will slowdown but never stop, simply because i love it! I love the connection that went into each hand-written word,  love sending tiny packages, surprise packages, little things that would make someone happy! ^_^ Come, let's peek into my mailbox.

Wonderful package from Aki chan, she always has this 'never-ending' creativity on how to decorate a cute parcel! ^_^
Isn't it kawaii? It just gets cuter and cuter, the postage stamps, the handwriting, the decorations!

 Look at all these beautiful treasures! Aki chan was so kind to send me that beautiful Hamamonyo tenugui japanese fabric, really love it! Tenugui can be used in various ways - as a handkerchief, as a headwrap, onsen towel, to wrap bento, gifts, or it can be a table runner, luncheon mat, as a cotton sieve in the kitchen and many other ways, almost everything you can think of, specially love the smooth texture of the cotton!
Arigatou Gozaimasu Aki chan!
Naoko chan, she is one of the most creative person I have ever met, a super sweet mama!
I am really inspired by her, from her daily life stories with 2 kids. She make the best decorated snail mail / mail art!

 Now, who doesn't like Muji?
Naoko chan sent me a simple yet useful pocket notebook & an ink pen in that Muji package, i think i am going to use it to record down the yummy recipes that i come across on my daily life, so i won't forget to try and make all the delicious food! Plus some beautiful postcards, stickers & little dried acorns Naoko picked it for me while she was walking down the streets!

 😍 Look, look!!
Naoko chan also sent me this - Nakagawa Masashichi Sabo 中川政七商店 cotton kitchen towel ***screaming!!!***
I have been spoiled! I'm so lucky and blessed to have such amazing people in my life,
they know me so well even know we have never met before in real life!
✿Arigatou Gozaimasu Naoko chan!

Simple yet beautiful letter from Yen Fong, i've been fascinated with wax seals and letters that sealed with wax!
She'd recently opened a stationery store in her hometown Seremban, feel free to stop by anytime!

Here are the beautiful things she sent me, pretty paper stash, vintage ephemera & airmail labels (
which I'm currently collecting )

 A belated birthday gift + souvenirs from my best friend! 
It was like all things i love falls on a kitchen towel >_< haha! I love hydrangea, and everything related to cooking~ so it's perfect she gave me this hydrangea embroidered linen kitchen towel, wohoo~ how cool!

 A simple greeting from Nao chan, she's a cat lover, therefore she love everything with cat! Look at the 'cat' postage stamps, 'cat' washi stickers!

 A very beautiful hand-illustrated letter pressed postcard + so in love with the Lisa Larson red striped cat 'Mikey' filing folder!


Part 2 will be coming soon~

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

#onthetable lately


Hehe, it has been a while since my last blog post! Not that i am busy, but I'm just a little laid back over the weekends, being myself and doing things i love like home cooking & baking, very into jam-making lately and also some gardening... and I am starting to really enjoy raggae songs recently, never knew that i would love raggae music, somehow it makes me feel like i'm in vacation!

My favorite fried fish (fourfinger threadfin), this fish is also known as 'Ma Yau'.
Finally, I know how to get perfectly crisp skin now.

We grew up with chinese soups at our dinner table, therefore we always have a crave for chinese soups and this herbal soup is so light & healthy!

Shredded chicken congee as a light weeknight dinner, it's delicious and easy to prepare,
simply throw everything together and letting it all cook! ^_^

 Stir fried broccoli with garlic & oyster sauce, love that the little broccoli florets can hold the
yummy sauce!

Braised trotters with black sweet vinegar & ginger (pork knuckles), this is actually a traditional confinement food. The meat was very succulent and so tender after several hours of slow cooking, really love the combination of ginger aroma, the sweet taste and sourness from vinegar.