Tuesday, September 8, 2015

august happy mail! - part 2

Here it is my part 2 incoming happy mail! Eternally grateful to all my lovely pen friends, cause you all mean so much to me! I need to prepare each mail with love to all of you~ hohoho!

Met a super sweet mama through instagram recently - Naoko chan, she has 2 beautiful & adorable daughters Yuka & Chisa. We love the same things - gardening, baking, snailmail!

 Naoko wrote me a beautiful decorated letter and a lovely birthday note card!
Her handwriting is so neat and cute, love it love it!

 Look what naoko sent me for my birthday gift! A little bird-shaped wooden tray for my cooking.
ありがとうございますArigatou gozaimasu, it hard for me to describe how much i love it!

Pack of wonderful happiness! 

 Yumi chan sent me a secret mini love letter!

Yumi chan is also a tea lover, remember i asked whether she can keep those tea tags for me once she finished the tea because i'm starting to collect different type, brand of tea tags. Hehe~ how weird i am? We usually share/exchange seeds we harvest from our own garden, this time she sent me some oregano herb seeds, i have already sown part of them in the pot, will wait and let the magic happens. Last but not least, she also attached a beautiful postcard with notes and some pretty postage stamps too!
 A special birthday parcel for me.
 Guess what yumi chan sent me for my birthday?
It's a secret! Heehee...

How lovely is this package?

Letter-Writing Day series of postage stamp
from the info - it is a tradition originally founded by Japan Post back in 1979 to promote the fun of exchanging letters. 

A little package from this pretty lady - Silver from Taiwan relocated to Malaysia lately, she saw and love the seed packs i have posted on my instagram, and of course said i would love to shared it with her.

At first, she wanted to sent me her hand-illustrated postcard to say thank you, and then this little package came in with surprise! She sent me set of her illustrated postcard and a few lovely tea bags which i couldn't really find it here! 



  1. Recently I had bought Silver's postcard. Her postcards are really beautiful :D

    1. Hello JMei,

      Yes, it's indeed a set of beautiful postcard, she is a very sweet lady!
      Thank you for dropping by! You have a lovely blog, keep sharing more happiness!
      Good day!


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