Wednesday, April 1, 2015

outgoing mail - march part 2

Last 2 outgoing mail in March! It has been raining almost everyday lately. Trying to do more mail/postal art, focusing on mail collage this time!
I have always loved letter writing in rainy days, sitting at my desk sipping a cup of hot herbal tea, turn on my favorite soft music! I'm in love with Studio Ghibli's OST lately, especially Princess Mononoke - Legend of Ashitaka Soundtrack by Joe Hisaishi! It's so so good!

My mail to Yumi-chan
Mie, Japan

My mail to Marie
Tokyo, Japan

 In my book wish list - snail mail book by michelle mackintosh! I want this so badly, who can resist a snail mail bible >_< Have a look on the cute webpage!

I made my first successful pandan chiffon last night! I was so so happy, beyond excited that i had baked perfect chiffon cake with my mom's recipe! Hehe, will share more photos and recipe soon, stay tuned!

Happy midweek friends!


  1. Hi fiona, if you want to, we can pick up the snail-mail again? It would be great!

    1. hello lisa, rainy morning again!
      how great! would love to, have you changed your address?
      can you please email once again please
      see you in next letter then! yays!

  2. Lovely to see your outgoing mail beauties! Mine is on it's way to you now ;)

    1. hello hello sweet friend,
      I couldn't wait to get your sweet mail again Claudia!
      have a great week. xoxo


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