Tuesday, April 14, 2015

some really nice souvenirs

I think it was the traveling season last month, brother went on a work trip to Nepal and my partner's family traveled to Taiwan! They bought some really wonderful souvenirs from their trip, too beautiful not to share/post. Haha.

 Mt. Everest postage stamp from Nepal, brother knows me very well.

Followed by notebook made using 'lokta' paper, lokta paper an eco-friendly handmade paper that made from bark of Daphne plant. This Nepalese paper renowned for its durability, resistance to tearing humidity.

He also got me a box of Nepali Masala Chai (Nepali Spiced Tea), the tea leaves are packed in a wooden tea box, now that's eco friendly.
 Yays! Can't wait to make some Nepali Spiced Milk Tea! 

Postcard and keychain - a 'must have' souvenirs.

Souvenirs from Taiwan.
Washi tapes, tapes and tapes! They knew I've been doing some craft and letter writing.
The family planned a trip to a lavender farm and got me a very aromatherapy lavender sachet!
I have placed the sachet near my pillow, they said this will help me sleep better. (i don't really have sleeping problems, but the little bag smells really good!)

Last but not least, super adorable souvenirs from Japan.
My lovely boss went to Japan last month end for sakura. End of march to early may is sakura season, the best time to see cherry blossom in Japan.

She got me the cutest stationery ever! She told me that :" When i saw this scissor, i think about you! I think you have told me that you are collecting scissors, so i got you this!" 
Aww... she is such a nice person, sweetest boss i have ever met!
And yes, I am a scissor collector, specially old cast-iron or brass handle or whole brass hand-forged-type of well made utility scissors/tailor scissors. 
Look, how beautiful are these?
My collection is growing, i will share with you someday!

Have a happy Tuesday!


  1. That's lovely! My brother is making often journeys and I love when he thinks of me and brings me some gifts from the foreign places! I'm also fond of scissors :)

    1. Hello sweet Claudia! Yes, your brother is just too sweet! And my brother will be travel to foreign country about 1-2 times a year mostly for work-related things, no matter how busy he is, he will take times to get me something nice, stuff he knew i will surely like it. Really, you like scissors too Claudia? Let me find a scissor over here for you!


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