Tuesday, July 7, 2015

first week of july, some random shots

First week of July have passed, do you think life seems to pass more quickly as you get older? the year seemed to come more and more quickly every year, and I'm going to turn 30 next month! People said turning 30 is a milestone in any woman's life, and i hope all things will be good and going to be better and better.

Some of my comforting classic home cooked meals lately.
 Stir fried brussel sprouts with oyster sauce, it was addictively crunchy!

My brother visited over the weekend, he cooked us a really delicious dinner.
Stir fried beef slices with ginger + scallion by him!

 My partner's favorite recipe - minced meat & tofu sauce tossed noodles

 Made extra minced meat sauce for the next day packed lunch!

 Braised soy sauce & honey chicken wings for our movie night at home!

Bought some of these locally grown golden mangoes, fair price & yummy!
In love with their strong, sweet, fragrant and fruity aroma.

Made some mango puddings for after meal dessert.

My late night activity, slow-cooking garlic infused oil.
Today, I'm going to do some late night baking~

It's time to harvest my spring onions, gonna make scallion oil noodles for pack lunch tomorrow.


  1. 30 is just a nice number, you can make it a milestone yourself ;-)

    1. Good morning Ageeth! Thank you for your lovely message, yes, i will try my best!
      Once again, very nice to know you! Can't wait for your letter to arrive so i can know more about you.


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