Tuesday, July 14, 2015

good things


My long awaited moment of the 'bloom' has finally come! The white clitoria ternatea (aka white butterfly pea flower) i grew from seeds last 6 months have finally bloomed this morning! From the info, white clitoria ternatea is a rare species, its quite hard to find in any of the plant nursery here.
Oh! I was so happy when I saw the bloom, it's hard to describe how excited I am!

 Isn't it gorgeous? Pure white butterfly pea flower, can't stop staring at it! Hope it will bloom some more.

Things I've been doing a lot lately, picking, seperating  soaking & boiling red beans!

Made candied red beans for this - Matcha red bean chiffon cake!
My family will come visiting us this weekend, i will make it again for them ~ I'm quite proud of myself by not giving up & keep trying until I succeed on making a great chiffon cake.

My office will be closed starts tomorrow for a week for Hari Raya long holiday! I bought something i think its nice & yummy for my lovely boss who celebrate Hari Raya, hopefully she will love it.

Just finished wrapping up. Simple packaging, hope she likes it!

 Having lots of fun decorating snail mail envelopes, trying many creative ways with different type of craft supplies - washi tapes, labels, paper doilies, maps, stickers, pretty designed promotional flyers, nice postage stamps...etc!

 Bought a lovely book last weekend, its about recipes, cooking stories & faith in daily life from some Japanese chef & gourmet foodies!


  1. What a fine gifts, I love it that people are so thoughtful.
    It is good to indulge yourself and the book looks very interesting.
    You're envelopes are awesome <3
    Enjoy your time with your family :-)

    1. Hello Ageeth,
      Thank you for the lovely words! I had an amazing time with my family last long weekend.
      I'll keep one envelope for you, looking forward for your letter. Look like you are having so much fun in your garden. Have a great day!


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