Thursday, December 10, 2015



I like taking pictures of my home cooked dishes, simply because i wanted to record down what have already cooked, what i have been cooking everyday for my family and also my cooking experiments on certain dish. Picture will help me recall those precious cooking process or moments even it's just a simple dish like onion omelette :D

Here's what we had for dinner the last few days. Chinese stir fried vegetables is a must on our menu almost everyday!

Garlic & oyster sauce stir-fried brussels sprout, our favorite vegetable lately. It taste so sweet & so crunchy!

 Light stir fried french beans with shrimps, you might already know that i'm a shrimp lover! >_<

Stir-fried iceberg lettuce with fried fish maw.

Spicy napa cabbage kimchi stir-fried with pork slices.

Stir-fried bitter melon with pork slices in black bean sauce, fermented black beans has a pungent flavor and taste very salty ~ so we usually will soak the beans prior to cooking.

  Chinese poached chicken (white cut chicken), a very easy and healthy steamed chicken recipe paired with a savory dipping sauce or ginger scallion oil.

Gong bao style squid (stir-fried squid with dried hot red pepper)

Since i have a new bottle of fermented black beans, so i will have to make full use of it in the cooking! Hehe, and this is stir-fried stingray with fermented Black bean sauce!


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