Thursday, December 3, 2015

update on my garden!

Hello peeps, do you miss me?

It's December!! Wish you Happy New Month!
Here i come with more updates, especially from my little garden. There is a lot of rain here as we are in monsoon season now, i think it's good for plants & the garden! {but not for succulent, so i moved them all into shaded area so they won't get too much rain}
I sow a new batch of basil seeds last 2 weeks, seed I saved from last batch fully matured basil plant. Let's have a peek at my garden!

  I have got a lemon tree in the garden, its from my neighbor - a lovely lady who loves gardening too! She has a lemon tree in her garden starting to bear fruits, therefore she does me a favor and help me to get a young tree from plant nursery she often visit.

 My fuzzy polka dot cactus have developed more little pads, it always grow in pairs~ so more bunny ears now! So cute, right?

 Chilli (Cili Kampung) seedling that just emerging beautifully from the soil, they have grown up to about 5-8 cm in height now, i will need to separate each of them in to a different pots this weekend.

Growing fig tree has always been a dream of mine, because fig trees are pricey, also very rare and it's really hard to get from local nursery, some of them never even heard before! Then the 'growing-my-own-fig-tree' dream came true 2 years ago when i met the owners of a nursery, and he offered the help to find me a fig trees. Although it took sometime, but he managed to find one at the end. Yays!! 
 The little fig tree didn't grow well the first year, almost died; it might be because i don't have experience with the plant. The leaves started to turn brown and fell off one by one. T_T Then i googled for solutions, it says pruning can help stimulates the plant to growth, i think that's the only way to try and giving the tree to bounce back, so i pruned off the top & damage branches. And it will miracle come alive; new growth of buds & leaves after pruning, the shoot will lengthen dramatically and THEN it begin to bear fruits now! Yuhoo!!

My very beautiful mulberry tree and the ripen fruits!

 Claudia sent me some physalis seeds in her previous mail, the first batch of seeds i sow didn't germinate. Then i tried again last few weeks, and they did it this time! Hohoho ~ can you see the little flower pods, they will slowly develops into a little lantern (papery pods with fruit inside).
Thank you so much dear friend!

 On-growing healthy sweet basil seedlings, it's a must- have herb to grown in the garden!

 Happy baby succulents, they are taking a morning sunbath!

Wohoo! If you have beautiful vintage or recycle steel tins or cans at home, don't throw it away.
Take some time everything will be beautiful in its way!

Has I introduced them to you yet? Meet Elm, Emma & Rosette, the triplets of my garden! I transplanted them in to a beautiful pot given by a good friend, they seemed to enjoy very much and happily growing in their new home! >_<


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