Thursday, July 30, 2015

july happy mail!

Last 2 days of july, and i can't wait to start the new month! My favorite month of the year - H E L L O   A U G U S T ! Me, my partner, my brother was born in August and my country Malaysia independence day falls on 31st August~ haha, so i strongly believe it's my lucky month! Yays. >_<
I look forward to write another few more letters this weekend, meanwhile let's see some of the very happy mail i received this month!

 Jocelyn beautifully hand drawn envelope!

 She sent me my favorite magazine, stickers, memo pads and her hand drawn house map / layout of her house because of i have asked her what does her house look like in the previous mail.

 I sent something to little Suzy (Jocelyn's beautiful daughter) in every mail, so its has become a habit for me to
send 2 letters in an envelope every time! One for mama, another one for Suzy!
Vice versa, little Suzy sent me something she wrote/draw, little bits & pieces attached in her mama's snailmail to me in every return mail! I love being in this type of "mother & daughter + pen pal" relationship where I am totally comfortable and feel warmth with.
I feel so loved!

 Yumi's "always-the-cuteest-mail"! I guess you might familiar with her for those who had read about my snailmail post.
Yes, she is the lady who always sent me the most kawaii parcel.

 It even looks cute from the back of the parcel! Hehe.

 There's always yummy treats from her! 
This time she sent me a pack of chirashi sushi mix, i have never try this type of sushi before, so excited to give it a try.

 Pretty handwriting on beautiful letter set + ye6ypawka (Cheburashka: Russian classic cartoon character) mobile strap + royal jelly essence face mask (i needed this so badly in the extremely hot weather in KL lately)

 Box of Iyemon Cha (a kyoto based tea company) - Japanese roasted tea with roasted rice (sweet Yumi have already unfold the tea box).
I will share some with my other pen pal too!

 My very first pen pal from France.
Cassandre (I love her beautiful name so much!) - a talented artist who loves making things with her hands. Visit her etsy shop if you love delicate handmade jewelry. 

 Colorful & glittery letter with lemon gummy, neon paper clips, shiny ink pen!

 a closer look on the happy mail!

H A V E   A   L O V E L Y   W E E K E N D  ! !

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