Thursday, July 23, 2015

weekend story


We had a really great raya holiday, my family came visit us last weekend. We were feeling like a tourist, pretty much eating all the time, finding good food, sight-seeing, window shopping & playing with my little nephew. Here are some of the random photos i took with my phone.

Edward - my 1 year 3 months old little nephew, he's such a naughty cutie pie and he grow up so fast!

Mom brought me a lot of homemade & homegrown food.
Old-cucumber for a pot of hearty chinese soup!

Shin kee beef noodles @ Petaling street

I think this is the best beef noodle i have ever eaten in town so far!
I love the paper-thin beef slices, it's fresh and raw, then the piping hot broth gets ladled over the top, hits them and cooks them just right! Delicious.

Apam balik aka Malaysian-style pancake that filled with peanuts, sweetcorn, melting butter and caster sugar!

Molten chocolate souffle - a delicious dessert we had in a cafe, next dessert i wanted to try and make!

Things i shop for myself, i should say for my pen-pal too! ^^ There are so many pretty postage stamps, it was so hard to choose!

Dad gave me extra okra (lady's fingers) seeds to grow after he saw the pictures of my okra plants i have sent him last week! hehe~ my okra plant started producing fruits (i should say its a type of vegetable >_<) I will share some of my garden update photo soon.


  1. That sounds like a good weekend! I like the picture of your nephew <3
    I am interested to the recipe for cucumber soup. In our greenhouse they grow so much so fast.
    My snail mail for you is almost ready for dispatch.

    1. Hello Ageeth,

      He just woke up in that picture. >_<
      I will share the recipe with you in the letter then, but please noted that we usually use 'old-cucumber' with yellowish & tough dry skin, you may google 'old cucumber soup' for better picture and there are lots of recipes there too! I am waiting for your letter very patiently! hehe. Have a lovely day!


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