Thursday, October 29, 2015

october happy mail!


So great to finally see the beautiful sunlight and clear blue sky, looks like the haze is clearing up; hope it won't be coming back. 

My little mulberry tree begin producing fruit once again, and the fruits are abundant! They are almost all ripened already, I will need to harvest them this weekend before birds get to them. >_< 

The most exciting new is my fig tree start bearing fruit for the first time after 2 years! Wohoo!! I capture a photo every morning before going out to work, wanted to record the fruit growth and development, too curious and get very excited about it! Will share some picture soon~ but today, let see what came in my mail box this month.

Franka a lovely lady from The Netherlands who hoard all the beautiful paper ephemera and vintage treasures and wish to work in her beautiful studio all day long! (same here >_<)

 Hand drawn envelope are almost too beautiful to open!

Super gorgeous mail with beautiful cursive writing, some vintage receipts, labels, postcard, memo card, tickets... etc!

 Merrisa's letter has finally made its way to my mailbox, she sent me a valentine mail few months ago, but it didn't turn up. :( sad

The mail is sweet, pink and her handwriting is so neat just too cute!
 I especially love the red origami bird, and hand-lettering 'Fiona'~

Michelle sent me her mail from Japan while she was there last few weeks for her book's publication (very cool right!)
I admire her for her work and she's really an amazing person!

Small little things that I do matter a lot, her mail made me think of to observe our lives in every detail!

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