Thursday, October 15, 2015


If you can't find me anywhere, try look for me in the kitchen! You can see quite a few of prawn dishes here, my parents bought and brought it up from my hometown from a recent visit. I love prawns!!!

 Grilled sambal stingray (p.s. with my homemade sambal chili paste)! 
I never thought I could make THIS at home, was proud for my first try.

 Indonesian style curry prawns cooked in a thick sweet and spicy coconut milk gravy.
Love coconut milk curry-based sauce in anything and this looks so warm and cozy to you? no?

Sambal udang (chilli prawn) goes really well with nasi lemak (fragrant rice cooked in coconut milk)

 Braised fish with fermented black beans & bittergourd - i can't stop eating and keep on adding some more rice on my plate!

 Braised napa cabbage, love those soft napa cabbage leaves that soaks up all the juices and
absorbs the every bit of flavors from the foods around it! Yum~

Stir friend soy sauce-caramelized prawns - its a very homely dish, the easiest recipe ever, and yummiest!

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