Wednesday, November 2, 2016

big big love, part 1

Hello, hello!

Back with my favorites post, don't worry guys I'm still writing! Sometimes, I will slowdown but never stop, simply because i love it! I love the connection that went into each hand-written word,  love sending tiny packages, surprise packages, little things that would make someone happy! ^_^ Come, let's peek into my mailbox.

Wonderful package from Aki chan, she always has this 'never-ending' creativity on how to decorate a cute parcel! ^_^
Isn't it kawaii? It just gets cuter and cuter, the postage stamps, the handwriting, the decorations!

 Look at all these beautiful treasures! Aki chan was so kind to send me that beautiful Hamamonyo tenugui japanese fabric, really love it! Tenugui can be used in various ways - as a handkerchief, as a headwrap, onsen towel, to wrap bento, gifts, or it can be a table runner, luncheon mat, as a cotton sieve in the kitchen and many other ways, almost everything you can think of, specially love the smooth texture of the cotton!
Arigatou Gozaimasu Aki chan!
Naoko chan, she is one of the most creative person I have ever met, a super sweet mama!
I am really inspired by her, from her daily life stories with 2 kids. She make the best decorated snail mail / mail art!

 Now, who doesn't like Muji?
Naoko chan sent me a simple yet useful pocket notebook & an ink pen in that Muji package, i think i am going to use it to record down the yummy recipes that i come across on my daily life, so i won't forget to try and make all the delicious food! Plus some beautiful postcards, stickers & little dried acorns Naoko picked it for me while she was walking down the streets!

 😍 Look, look!!
Naoko chan also sent me this - Nakagawa Masashichi Sabo 中川政七商店 cotton kitchen towel ***screaming!!!***
I have been spoiled! I'm so lucky and blessed to have such amazing people in my life,
they know me so well even know we have never met before in real life!
✿Arigatou Gozaimasu Naoko chan!

Simple yet beautiful letter from Yen Fong, i've been fascinated with wax seals and letters that sealed with wax!
She'd recently opened a stationery store in her hometown Seremban, feel free to stop by anytime!

Here are the beautiful things she sent me, pretty paper stash, vintage ephemera & airmail labels (
which I'm currently collecting )

 A belated birthday gift + souvenirs from my best friend! 
It was like all things i love falls on a kitchen towel >_< haha! I love hydrangea, and everything related to cooking~ so it's perfect she gave me this hydrangea embroidered linen kitchen towel, wohoo~ how cool!

 A simple greeting from Nao chan, she's a cat lover, therefore she love everything with cat! Look at the 'cat' postage stamps, 'cat' washi stickers!

 A very beautiful hand-illustrated letter pressed postcard + so in love with the Lisa Larson red striped cat 'Mikey' filing folder!


Part 2 will be coming soon~


Life is a great adventure, let's share it together! ^_^