Thursday, November 3, 2016

big big love, part 2

hello, I'm back with 'part 2' - the pretty mail i received last couple of months!

 Azusa chan, a lovely friend who recently has been transferred working abroad, now living in Germany! How cool~ from the info, Germany has a very good work culture~ so i think she will be happy living over there! All the best Azusa chan, see you in my next letter!

 Take a closer look on the whole parcel, check on the details lovely people, each of every patch got decorated with
beautiful stamps, stickers, hand writing!

 Hehe, guess what's inside that 'for you' package! It was my belated birthday gift from Azusa.
Hehe... forgot to take picture of it, will repost later, but I can let you know that i love it to the moon and back.
I didn't exaggerated it, the item was amazingly beautiful~

I think no one can resist Japanese kawaii packaged snacks right?
I think i should make a post about 'Japanese snacks taste test' >_< Guess it will be fun right!

 This is temari fu 手まり麩, a type of Japanese croutons but a non-friend version, or i should said its a dried wheat gluten in ball shaped that is usually used in miso soup or any kind of soups! I think there are fresh & dried fu selling in Japan, but of course dried one has a longer shelf life. I can't wait to try it! Hopefully i get to share some picture here!

Look at the colorful fu, so beautiful! Still can't believe its edible! It look a little like our childhood toy marbles / glass ball guli

 Dreamy mail from Paris~

 Cassandre always make the mail look magical with a touch of glitter glue, sparkling sequins, translucent envelope, neon stickers, colorful doilies, seed packs...etc! How's your cotton tree growing there? Very inspiring, feel uplifted after reading her letter.

She sent me hollyhock seeds this time! Yays! I've never seen a hollyhock flower here yet, will sow the seeds real soon!


  1. Hello Fiona
    These japenese croutons look SO PRETTY, I saw them on your instagram and right away wanted to go back to Japan to get some haha ! They will look nice in one of your pretty soup I am sure!
    I am very happy you liked my letter, I always enjoy writing to you, I am looking forward to our next letters. My cotton plants are doing well ! I put them inside for winter so that they won't freeze I hope they will like it as much as outside. I keep my fingers crossed. Looking forward to knowing if the hollyhock will grow in Malaysia. In France they are everywhere in summer.
    LOVE Cassandre

    1. Dear Cassandre,

      Hello sweet friend, thank you for dropping by my blog! hehe, i love the Japanese croutons too, how good if it can be keep forever! I'll find sometime to cook them in the soup. I always love your letter, love the simplicity with a little touch of 'bling-bling', and guess what! my letter actually on its way to you now, i think you probably will get it next 2 weeks. I will sow the hollyhock seeds as soon as the rainy season over; it just keep raining these days, the soil will be too wet for seed to sprout now. See you in your next letter dearie! Muaksss, xoxo.


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