Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hello 2018 & what's on my table lately!

Hello 2018, 

After a one year break, I finally felt like start blogging again!  
Sometime I am just too lazy to sit in front of the computer while I am at home, I would rather to be in the kitchen to make something / lying on sofa or flipping through a cookbook.

Not sure about you, but i really really love home cooked (mindful) meals. Simple & hearty! And I want to collect all the flat-lay on my dining table (where all the dishes randomly put together).

 Dinner : Crispy fried fish with garlic infused oil  + Stir fried sambal okra
+ Sweet leaf (sayur manis) egg soup & Rice

Dinner : Spicy soybean paste + Silky steamed tofu with dried scallops & Rice


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    1. Thank you Ageeth for always sending a lovely comment!

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    1. Thank you for coming back again Claudia! ^_^ I will try to post more! Hehehe, have a lovely day and don't forget i will keep reading your blog! ♥


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