Monday, March 12, 2018

I can't help but smile big - incoming snailmail

Postman came by and dropped me some happy mail last couple of days.

I love sending & receiving mail and seeing them arrive to its happy recipients are probably the happiest thing ever!

Snail mail to me is -
  • a handwritten letter
  • it takes time 
  • i can smell the ink & paper
  • it sometime accompanying with little gifts
  • it comes with great care 
  • and lots of love attention
Snail mail ROCKS!

Cutest mail ever! I have always loved Cassandre's mail, 
she's so talented and her mails are always so vibrant & cheerful!

 Pop pink ribbon on letter - cuteness overload!

Oh, look at all the colors! *heart eyes*

Pretty mail came all the way from Hawaii from Merissa.

She decorated the mail with so much patient and love!

 All the pretty bits & bobs she put in the parcel.

 This lady has the most beautiful handwriting in the world!


  1. Hey Fiona. Thank you for sharing about my mail, I am very happy you liked it. I love exchanging mail with you because I feel like you appreciate the choices and details I pu into it as much as I do. It is always very nice to send you news as well especially now that we have been mailing for a while, I feel like you know me a bit.
    Mail is such a big joy to make and to get !
    Have a great week

    1. Hello Cassandre,

      Thank you so much for dropping by my blog, didn't expect you will read it as not much people know i have a blog, i just want to write some simple things to record my daily life ^_^ Same with you, i love exchanging mail with you and yes, i think i kind of know you and know what kind of stuff you like! Hehe, wishing us pen friend forever! Snail mail is life! Have a great week ahead and i guess what, i am packing your little parcel now.

  2. All the reasons I love mail, and you received some wonderful letters!

    1. Yes indeed, my penfriends are the best! Happy snaimailing~


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