Monday, September 7, 2015

august happy mail! - part 1


August went by so fast, i haven't had enough time to finish and to do my favorite things! I went back to my hometown last weekend, and we celebrated my older brother's birthday. Dad treated us to a great sunday dinner (i will share some picture in my next post), we sang the Happy Birthday song to him (my brother), we had baskin robbins ice cream cake (mint flavoured), little edward running around and it was just so much so much fun!

Here, i am very pleased to share with you my superb incoming mail last month, with very lovely birthday gifts attached!

 My new pen pal from The Netherlands, she found me from Brinja's blog (i left a message there and she reads my message!) >_<
Thank you so much for contacting me Ageeth!

 I love everything in the parcel,  everything are so vibrant! You know what Ageeth, I am started to love pineapple print lately, eyeing on a pineapple pattern wax seal stamp and i absolutely love that pineapple pouch and the print you hand stamped.
Thank you for the cute clipper tea bags (how did you know that i'm collecting tea bag? hehe) with matching little envelopes, you are so cute!

Pretty paper ephemera, she pretty much made / craft everything on her own!
Another very talented lady, oh~ im so lucky to be able to know you all!

Here it comes again, Sami's summer mail!

Beautiful cherry hand-stamped cloth tape with lovely postcards!

Have you ever seen any notebook with 3D paper glasses? >_< too cute! 
And a travel guide, map & postcards for my reference. Please wait for me, someday i will be there - Port of Vigo ("O Berbés")

My first penpal from Bulgaria - Diana had a super adorable baby boy! I know so little about Bulgaria (please tell me more), but it sounds like an amazing country to me. Bulgaria has the most beautiful postage stamps!

She sent me a 10 sheets super long letter which i enjoyed reading every bit of it! 
 Thank you so much dear Diana, those origami papers, stamps & doilies are pretty and useful for my next snailmail!

Yen Fong's happy mail! No doubt, she have a great sense on choosing beautiful stationery, has been a collector for beautiful paper & ephemeras. If you are stationery-lover and wanted to get some well made stationery, feel free to visit her online store.

 Look how cute is the Instax mini film she took with her newly bought succulent plant for her new home!

I was totally addicted to the beautiful papers and ephemera she sent! 

Aki chan sent me a huge parcel with many lovely goodies and a sweet birthday gift this time!

 An absolute summer greetings parcel for me!
Seashells postage stamps & crystal drop seal / Japan scenery seal flake stickers / little cute fork & spoon / yummy blendy stick & coffee / sightseeing map (i will go to visit you someday aki) & a pack of yummy puff cakes (not showing in the pic it as i have nearly finished it >_<)

 Tadaa! A canvas tote bag with beautiful cooking/food inspired print for my 30's birthday, how beautiful it is? She just knows me so well! We have been writing to each other for about 4 years if not mistaken, I can't believe how fast time flies. Wish for many more years to come, more laughter, more joy, more love and more SNAILMAIL!

 I just can't help myself staring at these lovely postage stamps!
Summer seashells!

And very adorable unique shapes moomin postage stamps, i may need to frame them up! aww~ makes me happy just to think about it!

Not finished yet, there is a part 2 coming soon!


  1. There is at least one 30-year-old in Malaysia with a letter box that roars with laughter. What a joy<3

    1. hello!
      hahaha, you are right dear Ageeth, there's part 2 to come!
      it was really a great pleasure to be able to know all of you, amazingly wonderful people!

  2. Oh, Fiona! You are always so sweet <3 Of course, I wait here for you to show you my beautiful town. I´d love it!!! ^.^

    1. hey hey! thank you so much for the message Sami! While i will have to save hard to fly there~ ^_^
      Meanwhile, we meet in the letter, blog & instagram! Muaks~

    2. Sure!!!! We always have our letters!!!! ^.^ <3

  3. Fiona! Thank you for the lovely post! I didn't know I send you such beautiful stuff until I view your beautiful photo shoot. Hehe!
    Happy snail-mailing! Looking forward for your reply xx

    1. Hey Yen Fong,

      Thank you so much for dropping by my blog! Haha, little things you sent are indeed very beautiful!
      Happy snail-mailing! Will find time to reply your sweet mail.
      Have a very lovely day!


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