Wednesday, September 9, 2015

outgoing mail august!

hello peeps!

I get a lot of amazing mail from my dear penpals, and here are my outgoing mail to them! Hope that my mail reaches you, you and you well! ^_^

 My mail to Azusa
Tokyo, Japan

 My mail to Jocelyn
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

  My mail to Mirta
LC, Italy

  My mail to Olga
Saint Petersburg, Russia

  My mail to Silver
Selangor, Malaysia


  1. Fiona, may I know where you buy those 50 cents stamps because the 50 cents stamps which I usually buy are flower stamps?

    1. Hello J-Mei,

      Oh, i got it from HQ post office. You may get more variety of postage stamps there compare to the small branch.
      Thank you.

  2. Lucky people who will get these !
    I just came home from holidays so getting back to my mail soon, I hope to send you a letter this month :)

    1. Hello Cassandre,

      Wow, welcome back from the holiday break, you feel refreshed now!
      Tell me about your holiday in next mail then >_<, take you time on the letter, settle down and rest first~ while i'll be here waiting patiently ^_^.
      Have a great week ahead dear.


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