Thursday, April 30, 2015

april happy mail!

It's my favorite post again to share all the {love} happy mail that i received this month! It's May 1st tomorrow, which means holiday for all the the workers! Yays, i have more time to cook, to finish some garden works {brought back few pots of new plants for the garden and some seeds to sow} & also few letter to finish!

Nao chan sent me a chubby yellow parcel with her cute handwriting, also the pretty little Japanese postage stamps!

The back of the envelope are very cute too, i just have to take a picture of it.
Keep DRY!! Thank you postman!!

Knew that i love cooking, nao chan sent me a pack of Shiraishi Umen noodles, famous in miyagi prefecture (where she lives)! It taste nearly like ramen, very delicious! She even hand illustrated the cooking instructions too, so sweet! I will try to cook again and take a picture of it to share here. And also she sent me pack of matcha chocolate, so good~ to keep the chocolate fresh, i kept the leftover in an airtight container and store them in the fridge! miam miam!

Shiraishi umen: are noodles that don't use any oil. They are made only from wheat flour and salt water in Shiraishi city, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan

Mail from sweet Sylvie
The parcel already look very cute outside right? sky blue envelope with star print, cute decor and Belgium postage stamps!

Sylvie surprised me with an adorable cooking utensil - Wooden spoon/spatula with heart from Hema, this would really cheer up my kitchen and it won't scratch my non-stick pan, very useful!

 Next, mail from my green thumb friend Claudia, she always sent me her mail in a shallow mailer box. I knew it was her goodie parcel immediately when i saw the shallow box, it's like her signature! ^^

Claudia has a crafty hands, she's selling some very beautiful art prints, postcards of her illustration on etsy shop! She is very good in crocheting too, I'm so happy that she sent me a rubber carving block & made me a crochet doilies, i think i'm gonna use it as a mug rug i guess! I will think of her when ever i make a cup of tea or coffee.

We always exchange seeds, this time she sent me a pack of physalis seeds that i couldn't really get it over here.

 Pretty salmon pink envelope from Rikke.

This would be the 2nd mail from her after 1.5 years! Something happened and I am really glad that she manage to find time to start writing again! I just want to say thanks for sending me letter again and me, your friends & family will always be here to support you!


I recently discovered a very interesting, or i should say it's a very cool webpage about snailmail - Mysterious letters and can't stop browsing and looking on each every letter they sent! 

Mysterious Letters is a collaboration between artists Lenka Clayton and Michael Crowe who sent a personal, handwritten letter to everyone in the world! 

From the info, so far they have written over 2,700 different letters to the residents of Cushendall, a small Northern Irish seaside town, the inhabitants of Polish Hill, Pittsburgh, everyone on a long street through St. Gallen, Switzerland, a suburb of Cologne, Germany, two streets in Paris France, and many, many people in Tilburg, Netherlands.

And they have successfully raised $3,956 USD on Kickstarter to help bring the project to life again! They are even on BBC Newsline too! 

 I want to read all the letters.
Since the artists are aim to write a personal, hand-written letter to every household in the world, so i'm here waiting~ can't wait to receive mine one day! Maybe send me some seeds please >_<
I think the idea {the letter} will definitely put a smile on everyone's face.


  1. Wow! I love to see all your mail treasures! Happy, that my package arrived safely too ;)

    1. hello claudia, thank you for dropping by again!
      Yays, your sweet package arrived, thank you for everything! I am going to sow some physalis seeds this weekend! Have a lovely week ahead.


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