Monday, April 6, 2015

back to my hometown

Went back to my hometown last weekend for tomb sweeping day or ching ming jie (just in case some of you might not know, its a traditional chinese festival where people visit the grave sites to remember and to pray to their ancestors). Great opportunity to back home, gather and play with my adorable little nephew! Here are some random shots I really like.

There's a beautiful butterfly that visited our garden last saturday morning, we had good mood that day!

Collecting and storing my cotton bolls & seeds! Hopefully i can save enough cotton to make a pillow one day. How cool if i can make a pillow with my homegrown cotton plant, yohoo! Okie, maybe a mini pillow? ^_^

The cutest & sweetest little angel in our house!
Look at that little face, and the little sunflower print top. SO CUTE!
How can you not love him?
Little Edward, my nephew! He's 11 months old now,  and going to turn 1 year old in 3 weeks time! 
Couldn't wait to be back home again to celebrate and capture hundreds of photo with him. 

*Can you see the wooden book shelf at the back, those are all my mom's recipe books! hehe!

Dad walked 'Kimura' & 'Brownie' in the evening, and he asked me if i know that dogs eat grass?
I'm not so sure about it! And dad says yes! dogs does eat grass, but they doesn't eat all type of grass, instead they will pick, the reasons are to improving digestion, treating intestinal worms, or fulfill some other nutritional need. Now i know it!

Kimura is a jack russell terrier, 6 years old. Our first doggy. She's a small but energetic breed!

 Dad bathe our 2nd security guard at home - brownie! She bark at strangers and kept our house safe, specially at night.

Have a great start to the week!


  1. Oh, Fiona! That butterfly! And little Edward is so cute! I can imagine how happy you are when you have him around! I hope for you that you one day will be able to fill your cushion with your own cotton!

    1. Good morning Claudia! I actually attempted to catch the butterfly and put it in a bottle, but this will hurt or kill it. T_T so i didn't do that! yes yes, little Edward is a super cute baby, smile always! we love him so much. hehe, i'm doing my best to grow and harvest as much as i could. happy day to you dear!


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