Tuesday, March 10, 2015

a type of beautiful herb

Last weekend, i went shopping for plants for my garden in selangor green lane located at sg.buloh, which has many huge nurseries situated along that road. It's a super great place for plant lovers, you can stop, take a deep breath and smell in the floral wonderland. Plant nurseries there filled with a huge variety of ornamental plants, fruit trees, different type of succulents.
I wanted to grow more herbs to use in cooking, there are few types of herbs in my garden right now, like sweet basil, thai basil, curry tree, mint & pandanus.

At first, i am planning to get a pot of rosemary plant. But then I stumbled upon another cute pot of herb, with very broad, thick, succulent-like, oval shape leaves with nice aroma. It smells like oregano. Yes and it goes by the name of 'cuban oregano'. How about trying a new recipe for grilled cuban oregano chicken next? Sounds like a brilliant idea doesn't it?

Look at my tiny sweet basil seedlings, aren't they lovely! 💕

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  1. Hi fiona.. Thanks for your nice info abot cuban oregano..
    I had have this plant too but i don't know what is it.
    Here rosemary just grow wild in roadside. Since people don't know what plant is it. Its very poor that sometimes its just cut and throw away


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