Monday, March 23, 2015

outgoing mail - march part 1

I really enjoy staying at home during weekends, cuts down on shopping lately, i hardly goes cafe hopping, feel like i need to save more money, pretty much because prices of many things has been rising in KL, feel insecure if i overspend. The only expenses are only for food and groceries! (okay, maybe some stationery stuff or a few little sauce dishes >_<)

So last weekend 'stay-at-home' project was to catching up with my letter writing, hobby that doesn't cost so much money, only with my heart! ^^ I always wanted to do more mail art, not like Japan post, the sad things is that Malaysian post has restrictions for letters and packages sent, only standard envelope sizes are accepted.  I am not too sure mail art with odd envelopes gets to reach to the destination or not? 

Let's try it, nothing to lose right?

My mail to Aki-chan
Hokkaido, Japan

My mail to Chui Cheng
Taipei, Taiwan

My mail to Jocelyn
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

 My mail to Yen Fong
N.Sembilan, Malaysia

Extra little gift for her new kitchen!


  1. More beautiful typical Fiona-parcels!!
    Snailmail makes the world a better place <3

    1. hey hey! thank you for your kind comments sylvie!
      indeed, snailmail makes the world a better place, meeting great people from all over the world!
      you are one of the sweetest people i know! muaks! ^_^

  2. Lovely parcels, Fiona! How great that you have a blog now too :)

    1. Dear Lisa,

      Thank you for dropping by on my little blog Lisa! Thank you!
      Oh, hope my pen friends will happy when they see the parcel! I hope they are all happy when they receive my mail! Have a good day, drop by more often Lisa!
      Good day!!


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