Tuesday, June 9, 2015

chinese steamed rice pudding


I made small batch of traditional steamed rice pudding (缽仔糕) over the weekend, as just the 2 of us at home. I was initially planning to put in some homemade sweet red beans, plan changed when i tried the batter, it will taste too sweet of adding the sweet red beans. Hehe, so sweet red bean paste keep to make other dessert, i will definitely try the red bean version rice pudding again soon.

Here i share the recipe with you, but keep in mind that chinese rice pudding doesn't have very much of 'springy, chewy or bouncy' texture as its mainly made using rice flour. ^_^ This dessert recipe was quick, simple, and delicious.

• 150g rice flour
• 25g glutinous rice flour (refer to some of other recipes, you may also substitute 25g of water chestnut starch)
• 20g wheat starch
• 250ml water
• 1 Tbsp cooking oil

• 120g brown sugar or golden slab sugar
• 250ml water
• 4-5 pandan leaves

1. Combine Ingredients (A) together, it will become a runny flour mixture.
2. In a pot, add Ingredients (B), dissolve the sugar in the water, pandan leaves is used to add fragrance in the sugar water. (skip if you don't have pandan leaves at home)
3.  Let the sugar water cool down a bit, then slowly mixing in (B) sugar water into (A) mixture, continuously stirring while pouring and whisking it into a slightly thicken flour batter.
4. Apply a thin layer of cooking oil to the inside of each ramekin.
5. Pour the batter into ramekins and steam them under high heat for 15-20 mins or until cooked, also it depends on the size of the bowl. (you can use a toothpick/bamboo stick to test for doneness, if the toothpick come out clean, meaning that it's cooked and ready to take it out from the steamer.)
6. Cool the puddings down and remove them from ramekins by using a toothpick.

in the process of cooling down, ah~ couldn't wait!

Tada, this is how it's look like! The finished product~ Found that it tend to be a bit harder to unmold by using flower jelly remekins, it will be a lot better if using small earthen bowls.


  1. hello dearie,

    yes, its actually from a flower jelly mould~ but it wasn't easy to unmould with this type of jelly mould! ^_^ have a great day!


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