Wednesday, June 3, 2015

may happy mail!

Hello June!

I've been so busy the last two weeks, been trying to find time to write and update the blog with my favorite snail mail post! Here i come again with my incoming & outgoing mail post, yohoo! Received 2 parcels in may, i can said its was the parcel of love given from the heart.

Yumi chan sent me a huge parcel with beautiful decoration inside and out. Let me share her gorgeous snail mail with you.

This is perhaps the cutest brown paper box i have ever received, with kewpie doll logo! i think she must be madly in love with mayonnaise, are you yumi chan?  >_<
Japanese-style gift wrapping with beautiful cloth/fabric, very sweet and thoughtful! I felt like it was Christmas morning opening my wonderfully wrapped parcel, making me feel "extra special".

 She sent me many goodies & foodies! The limited Japanese spring postbox postcard & some pretty flora illustration postcards, they are really great for collection. Starting & continuously growing my collection of nice postcards.
Her sweet mama who gave me a big compliment on my previous parcel sent to yumi, she said my parcel was kawaii! Yumi's mama sent me 2 packs of seeds too! How sweet~ I also sent her some cooking curry paste this time in return.

 Now for foodies - yumi sent me a pack of loose green tea leaves with very nice packaging, as you know Japan has the most dangerous fetish for food and product packaging! She also sent me 2 boxes of Japanese curry roux with handwritten recipe & cooking method attached on top of each box, how thoughtful is she! love.

Last but not least, she gave me few packs of Japanese soup packets. If not mistaken its made of
Dashi or bonito fish stock! Great for my solo meals.

Next made-with-heart mail from Aki chan, beautiful vegetable & sakura postage stamps on the package! Still like love her neat and cute handwriting.
Have you ever seen her super cute doggy named kotara 黒柴・虎太郎 (adorable name too) from the Shiba Inu dog breed!

Hokkaido Gotochi postcard with the Former Hokkaido Government Building (Red Brick Building) illustration. Some of you might not too sure what's Gotochi postcard, click and read more about Gotochi!
She sent many lovely little things too ~ tea bags, small pouch, hand-stamped and cut out stickers, paper ephemera, decoration tape & many more!

 Take a closer look at the beautiful postage stamps! What vegetable you like the most?
I love them all, specially egg plant (lately...) haha!

Sadly, this cute little blue flora plate is broken when it reached my mail box. T_T But lucky, i managed to glue it back and used it as flower pot saucer! Like Sylvie said, i think of you whenever i see the plant.

The world needs more love letters, send more mail!


  1. wow, the letters that you receive were so cute :D

    1. hey,

      Thank you so much, my pen pals are very cute too! ^_^

  2. Hello Fiona,

    How're you ? I found your blog from pinterest and I love your mail art.
    I'm Fika . I wonder if you have experience post huge parcel (box) here to your penpal. do we have to fill out a customs form?

    1. hello fika,

      I am very fine, thank you! Hope you doing good too fika. Thank you for dropping by my blog, and thank you for loving my mail art. Yes, i did posted a large parcel before (but not as huge) about A4 size, i did fill up a small green color custom declaration form, you can ask for it from the post office counter.

      Have a great day fika.

    2. Thanks for respond.

      I have no experience to post out large parcel here, that why I curious how it work. It's better to post out in box or A4 size envelope ? Which one is better/cheaper? :D Do you check quarantine items before you post ? Do you have experience your mail from penpal does not reach ?

      Sorry for lot of questions :/

    3. Hey, sure no problem. You can check it from the post office counter regarding all the info, guess they are happy to help. The postage rates usually are depend on the parcel's length and weight and of course the destination. I usually sending normal items, for example like stationery, paper stuff, books, magazines, so never been quarantine before. Yes, i do have experience that my mail from penpal doesn't reach me, un-lucky me and my pen-pal, just have to resend again. Have a good day!

  3. Oh no! Another beautiful plate broken in the mail :(
    Good thing you managed to glue it! And now think about your penpal just like i think about you when i see your plate :)

    1. yep, little cute plate has broken while its on the way here :(
      haha, yeah! i think about you and aki when i see the plate, i think about you too.
      have a wonderful day sylvie.


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