Monday, June 15, 2015

meanwhile in my garden...


So it has been raining all day lately, but good thing is my plants look happy & healthy because they love rainwater! Why? because it is so soft and has no chlorine, rainwater is preferable for watering plants, read more here.

Here are some happy growing plants in the garden.

i love fiddle leaf fig tree since long long time ago, but large fiddle leaf fig tree are selling very expensive here. The bigger the tree is, the more expensive the price.
I got 2 young (baby) plants with only few leaves 3 months ago at a reasonable price, and the leaves has doubled the amount now.

The one and only stem of lemon balm herb, hope it grows well.

My baby sawtooth herb got a new friend!

Problem here! Lately, there are many of these baby grasshoppers started to threaten and attack my sweet basil & mint herbs, i guess the herb taste good to them too! T_T I may need to trim the tip off and spray some organic insecticides.

My mulberry tree start fruiting again, yum yum!

My wild betel leaf!I grew them from the cutting stems that mom gave me from home last trip. It has pretty glossy heart-shaped leave, the leaves look so green!

My on-growing "slow & steady"broccoli,
Actually broccoli enjoys cool weather, but where i stay is hot and humid all year round, and has summer 365 days a year! Anyhow, i really hope it keeps growing and perhaps blooming!

Oxalis or wood sorrel is a type of wild edible weed, and with little bright yellow flowers, some said it can be eaten raw or used as a salad green or made into a drink! Should i give it a try? Hmm...maybe not! >_<

Sowed some okra (lady's fingers) seeds last 2 weeks and look, they sprouted, grow into larger plant now!

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