Thursday, June 11, 2015

easy weeknight dinners


It has been raining every evening the whole week, traffic was so bad last couple of days. I spent like almost 2 hours in the car every day back home, nothing beats a home cooked meal. Making a simple meals helps me to reduce stress after a long hours traffic jam, but I insisted on cooking most nights. so here's a quick post about what we're eating this week! What's your favorite midweek, quick dinner recipes? 

 Chicken & vegetable stew
{craving for a hearty stew in cold rainy day, it's so packed full of flavor}
Ingredients in the stewed are potatoes, carrot, dried shiitake mushrooms, sugar snap peas, firm tofu & chicken leg & thighs

Stir-fried water spinach with shrimp paste
{i basically love anything that cooked with shrimp paste}

Stir-fried milk cabbage (nai pak choy) with ginger & garlic
{my partner absolutely love this veggie, i pretty much cook once a week lately, hehe}

Sambal Okra (dried shrimp chilli paste lady fingers)
{okra is a very healthy & inexpensive vegetable, the salted & spicy sauce really help to increase our appetite}

 Dried noodle with minced meat sauce
{i made garlic infused oil and fried garlic and kept it in an airtight jar~ its really good in noodle, try it!}

Reason why we love to stay at home, great movie and homecooked dinner! Dinner and a movie are the perfect pair, but parents might disagree! haha, not for kids ya.

I have watched a really nice movie last 2 days, and wanted to share with you. i love romantic, heart touching, funny movies that can lifts me up when i'm not in a good mood.
Blake lively is just too gorgeous in the movie, every scenes, all the clothing, makeup & hairstyling in the film are so stunning.

The Age of Adeline
After miraculously remaining 29 years old for almost eight decades, Adaline Bowman (Blake Lively) has lived a solitary existence, never allowing herself to get close to anyone who might reveal her secret. But a chance encounter with charismatic philanthropist Ellis Jones (Michiel Huisman) reignites her passion for life and romance. When a weekend with his parents (Harrison Ford and Kathy Baker) threatens to uncover the truth, Adaline makes a decision that will change her life forever. 

movie poster source from google
synopsis source from apple trailer


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