Thursday, June 18, 2015

just can't get enough of these cuties!

Hello friends,

I have too much fun to grow succulents myself from the little leaves.
Things i learned from propagating succulents on my own is they need plenty of light & little of water! No special fertilizer, chemicals or rooting hormone are needed for most succulent plants, some even don't even need soil when they first start to grow (develop). Just like magic!
Currently, I have only one type (species) of succulent and these babies are all from the same mama plant! Too happy NOT to share! Hehe.

 I can't get over how cute they are together, chubby & juicy >_< 
aw~ melts my heart.

Can you believe that this is being propagated from a teeny tiny little pink roots?

 Glass jars are ideal for growing succulents & cacti, always remind myself to be extra care not to over water them because glass jars doesn't have drainage holes!

Twins! Emma & Rosette ^_^

i will try my very best to you keep you happy and healthy!

Let's exchange succulent babies anyone? 
We can sending via snailmail, it will be a good happy day! 
{leave me a comment or email me if you would love to}
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  1. This is something i love to do too!!
    Would these babies survive in the mail? I'm willing to give it a try ;-)
    And so funny you're giving them names!!

    1. Hello Sylvie,

      Yays, let's try and swap succulent babies! I am not very sure whether it will survive in a long distance mail dear, but short distance shouldn't be a problem as many of the succulent vendors here selling succulent online and sending them through courier, it usually reach the buyer place in 2 - 3 days. Well, never try never know! I will send you some of these babies next mail, i will probably have to put the little succulents in a small metal canister or candy tin with some soil inside. Hehe, so excited Sylvie! See you next mail darling~ xoxo Fiona

  2. Okay, Fiona! Let's try!!
    Good idea to sent them in a small canister or candy tin, but first i'll choose from which plants i'll take some babies :)
    If pilea's survive after travelling to the other side of the world, it should be possible with succulents too!
    Good luck, see you in your mailbox dear friend xxx

    1. yes! let's do this! sure, choose any little plants that's possible to stay alive through the long travel distance, i am okay with any cutie plants!
      Good luck and see you in my mail box dear friend!



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