Tuesday, March 10, 2015

sweet cabbage soup for lunch

The weather has been really warm lately, its good to have something very light for lunch. I cooked up a pot of cabbage soup with anchovies base stock, and add on mom's homemade meat & shrimp balls. Yum, comfort and ease under the hot-weather. 

• 1/4 sweet cabbage (roughly chopped) *bought a large cabbage this time, so i only put 1/4 of it.
dried anchovies (handful)
• 8 pcs red dates / jujube (red dates make soup sweeter, you can put in more if you like)
• 10-12 meatballs
• 2 cups water

*another option is to add in an bigger chunk scrambled egg, this taste good too!

• pinch of salt & white pepper

1. In a pot, add water bring it to a boil then add dried anchovies, red dates and cover in low heat, let it simmer about 30 minutes.
2. After 30 minutes, add in sweet cabbage, simmer another 15 minutes (until cabbage is soft & tender).
3. Finally, add meatballs then seasoning, and simmer for 5 minutes, serve hot! 

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