Wednesday, March 18, 2015

garden space - saving tips!

Our home garden is small, we only have a small lawn and have to make use of the small space. I enjoy gardening, and love the space-saving garden shelf we had at the porch, and this is how it looks currently! I took this picture yesterday evening when i got home from work, although i feel tiring, somehow i feel recharged when i see the plants growing up healthily.

Every time I turn off the vehicle engine, the first thing i do is to walk near my plants and observe how they are growing, i am always seem so fascinated by the living greens! 

Can you see all the baby seedling at the very first row? They are baby sweet basil & baby broccoli & baby cabbages, they will be ready for harvest after 2.5 more months! I can't wait to see. ^^

 Grow baby, grow! 


  1. That's just wonderful, Fiona! Love to see your garden space and how you arranged it!

  2. Hello dear, thank you for dropping by Claudia! Hehe, show me your green house after the cold season, i love to see all those little seedlings growing bigger and bigger every single day! good day friend!

  3. no matter how big a garden is, everything is possible to grow plants. you have a lovely selection.
    good luck

    1. hello lotte! thank you so much.
      Yes! agree with you, no matter what size the garden is, everything is possible to grow!
      Have a lovely day to you!


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