Thursday, March 5, 2015

happy lantern festival!

Happy chap goh meh! chap goh meh - 15th night / 15th day of the first month in lunar new year calendar and also it signifies the first full moon of the lunar new year! 

On this day, families gather to make and eat glutinous rice balls in sweet soup aka "tang yuan" 元宵/湯圓. We are living apart from our family, about 4 hours driving distance from hometown; so i will have to make 'tang yuan' on my own. But that's okay, as long as we continue the family tradition, keep it in mind.  

While for my version, i came up with a bit of twist; made my rice dough by mixing glutinous rice flour with pandan extract (from crushed pandan leaves). I grow a lot of pandan leave (screwpine) in the front yard, meaning that i have a lot of pandan to cook with! Always like experimenting them in food or dessert making.

Next, the sweet soup cooked with red dates, dried longan pulps, osmanthus flowers & rock sugar. I love osmanthus flower, it has a sweet and strong fragrance. And this tiny yellow-gold flower made the sweet soup looks & taste delightful!

Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, prosperous and blessed year of the Sheep!


  1. Hey dear Fiona!
    Pretty food pics :) Everything looks so yummy...
    Hugs, Sylvie from Belgium

  2. Hello hello Sylvie,

    Thank you for dropping by on my new blog, let's share more here!
    Got to save your blog too!

  3. Nothing much has happened on my blog the last year... Maybe i should have a new start too! ;-)

    1. Dear Sylvie,

      Yes, you should have a new start on 2015!
      Share anything you love Sylvie, snailmail, gardening, food, craft, travel...etc! anything, we are waiting!
      Can't wait for your letter to arrive to my mailbox! muaksss!

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