Tuesday, March 17, 2015

organizing a part of my kitchen - open shelving

Kitchen is my favorite and also one of the most important space at home.

I spend a lot of time in my kitchen, from cooking daily meals, experimenting with a new recipes or just simply sit and think. Lately, i have been busy organizing my new kitchen, to make my cooking life in the kitchen better, easier & fun, also to create more cooking stories and yummy looking food images, hehe! 

My kitchen is not perfect, not huge, but i love it so much~ we're putting so much love & effort into it! I love reading online article or blog post about kitchen sorting and organizing tips, smart display ideas or practical storage solutions for kitchen. I have always believe no matter what size your kitchen are, it can be beautifully neat, fun & colorful yet organized.

Weekend work, made a trip to ikea earlier and got some airtight glass jars with lid, have been frustrated with all the big and small plastic bag packaging of flour, salt, sugar & spices; it's hard and messy to finding the type of flour i want in the plastic!

I remove all the packaging (almost all come in plastic bags T_T) and pour all sorts of flour and different type of sugar in the jars. Then label all the jars with name and expiration date! Believe me, it makes a huge difference before and after, so easy to get flour i need now, the flour not spreading all over on kitchen counter top or on the floor, and also i know which flour is going to expire soon and when to restock! Wohoo! 

I think i need more jars, tee hee hee!

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