Wednesday, March 11, 2015

jan & feb happy mail!

Hi, as many of you may already know i love cooking, but letter writing / snail mail is another big hobby of mine! Since i have my own blog now, beside cooking & recipes, i think wanted to share some beautiful snail mail i received from my sweet pen friends, it may gives you some inspiration on writing and decorating your next letter.

As time goes by, i met many great snail-mailer from around the world, and some we have been writing to each other for years. And it has become a major part of my life now, so I'm going to start documenting my snail mail letters from now on! I take Claudia's snail mail post as reference, i will collect, shoot & post the snail mail picture on monthly basis.

Chui Cheng's happy mail

CC's sweetest cooking theme mail from Taiwan, she knows me too well! I love everything in the parcel, especially the ceramic spatula & postcard set from my favorite Taiwanese illustrator milly/米力, couldn't be more happier! Thank you so much CC!

Yen Fong's happy mail

Can you see those handwritten message in the bubbles, awww... aren't they cute? Happy mail from yen fong, you can't imagine how much she love stationery & everything paper!
she's the key person behind tabiyo shop!

Giova's happy mail

 Another beautiful mail from Giova - a great crafter currently living in Amsterdam. Do check out her cute blog for craft inspirations & ideas!
I love the recipe cards Giova. Yes, they were perfect for me! 
Thank you so much.

Yumi-chan's happy mail

This was one of the super lovely & colorful package from Yumi-chan! A kawaii lady who studied traditional Japanese dress/clothing - kimono (very cool), and she's also a french learner,
always dreamed of one day i can speak in french! 
hehe... je t'aime yumi-chan!  

Yumi-chan's happy mail 2

Another mail from yumi-chan in February.
Arigato for everything you have sent, i cherish every bits & pieces! 
The 'everyday tea bags' are really refreshing, my melody japan postcard are the cutest!
Your unique handwriting are so beautiful, so neat!


  1. Fun & beautiful things! I love all the gorgeous stamps too!

    1. Dear Sandra,

      Thank you so much for reading my new blog! Yes, indeed! the mail are all beautiful, and very precious to me!


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